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MoonDL accepts cryptocurrency. With Cryptomus.

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Last Update a year ago

MoonDL accepts cryptocurrency with Cryptomus. Paying with cryptocurrency is convenient and fast, with no additional fees. 

Checklist for Getting a Premium Account on MoonDL with Cryptomus:

1. Select plan on MoonDL: Premium Moon or Premium Full Moon.

2. Select number of days and payment method with Cryptomus.

3. Go to the payment page.

4. Select of Cryptocurrency. (16 currencies available now)

5. Select of network.

6. An address for payment will be generated for you.

7. Transfer the exact amount from your wallet to the provided address.

8. A successful payment page will appear within 1-3 minutes.

9. Your Premium is now active. Click Return to MoonDL.

10. Now you can download any file.

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